Why KroniKare?

Chronic wounds are taking its toll on the healthcare industry. Underlying causes of chronic wounds such as CVD, diabetes, aging and obesity are rising sharply and costs are already in excess of $100b globally. An aging expert wound workforce and global shortage of healthcare workers compound the problem.

KroniKare AI-based system helps with early detection of complications such as infection, undermining and blood circulation problems. This can significantly reduce costs for chronic wound care from faster recovery of patients to productivity gains and upskilling of junior nurses.

KroniKare leverages on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and thermal imaging to automate the assessment & management of chronic wounds, giving accuracy, efficiency and scalability to healthcare institutions.

We empower nurses through Artificial Intelligence

Now you can free up your wound nurse and upskill junior nurses using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence


KroniKare utilizes the latest innovations in image processing and machine-learning to create a complete, end-to-end automated AI-driven system for the assessment and management of chronic wounds.

The KroniKare front-end module gives these amazing and unprecedented insights on chronic wound condition:

✓ all 7-type tissue classification

✓ automated wound size measurement

✓ complication detection: infection, undermining and blood circulation problems

KroniKare transforms
chronic wound care

From 30 mins … To 30 secs

Benefits at a glance:

✓ Unmatched productivity gains

✓ Better patient outcomes: early detection, faster intervention

✓ Digitalized documentation: accurate records, workload reduction

✓ Downstream benefits: healing prediction, discharge planning, systematic clinical studies

KroniKare is an AI-Driven Integrated System


KroniKare comprises a front-end module, a user dashboard and a back-end module on-server


KroniKare AI-system uses thermal imaging and machine-learning. It runs on a normal smartphone.

Leveraging AI helps to upskill junior nurses with consistent results while the portability and scalability makes this an indispensable medical device for every healthcare institution.


The KroniKare dashboard allows the wound nurse to remotely check the patient with accurate and up-to-date AI-based information, seamlessly synced from the smartphone.

The complete record with images can be further integrated with the electronic medical records.


On the server-side, another AI-engine analyses the data to give higher-level insights on tracking, predicting and case-matching.

Information that was once subjective and inaccurate is now reliable and available for analysis up to the highest level decision-making.


"KroniKare can be used for monitoring of elderly and diabetic patients to hopefully prevent formation of wounds in the first place."
"This product can make a real difference in freeing nurse time."
"More systematic for our decision on treatments, early detection of complications, and eventually prevent development of complications."
"Ability to assess the blood supply of the wound and its surrounding area very useful."
"It could be useful in identifying pressure points at risk, Staff can then preventive measures to offload the pressure especially areas."

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